How much co2 we can actually reduce?

We can reduce your annual CO2 emissions by 4,5 metric tonne (MT) every year for a 100 m² apartment. 

But what exactly does this mean? Is it a lot or not very much?

To provide a context regarding exactly how much this represents, we use a comparison of the amount of CO2 emitted by an average diesel-fuelled car.

This is a comparison that has been officially published by the Dutch Central Planning Office (2nd October 2019), which draws up calculations for the Dutch Government.

So, to give you a clearer idea, we can use the following example:

  • 100 m² apartment, occupied by two adults (plus two children)
  • Average gas consumption 1.560 m³
  • Energy consumption 3.500 kW-h

The average annual CO2 emissions from such an apartment amount to 4,5 MT. This is equal to the CO2 emissions produced by driving an average diesel-fuelled car for 27,000 km (for example a car that drives 1:15 l/km).