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When we talk about CO2 reduction in general, we mean energy reduction. This means that CO2-neutral buildings or apartments are fully supplied by clean technologies from alternative energy sources.
After a renovation, we are talking about a 70% to 80% CO2 reduction, which means a 70% to 80% energy reduction.

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CO2 Neutrale Software has been developed in evohaus GmbH.

GmbH is an architectural company and project developer based in Karlsruhe, Germany, owned by Mr. Heinz Hanen. Founded in 1995, Mr. Hanen had the vision to build sustainable and affordable CO2 free housing for lower and middle-income groups, and to leave a better world for our grandchildren (a very progressive thought for that time).

In 2010 evohaus GmbH started collaborating with:

  • The European Union;
  • KIC InnoEnergy SE;
  • Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung;
  • Bundesministrium für Wirthschaft und Energie;
  • Fraunhofer;
  • CWI (Centrum Wiskunde& Informatica);
  • IöW (Institut für Ökologisch Wirthschaftforsung);
  • KIT (Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie);
  • and TNO in the Netherlands.

The outcome of this collaboration is a revolutionary, scientifically proven, and thought out software.

Up till now, evohaus GmbH already implemented this software in 1500 apartments to make them CO2 neutral. 
The result: a unique, high quality and fully guaranteed product, that can be installed worldwide to reduce CO2 emission.

Available in the company ‘CO2 Neutrale Software GmbH’, Basel, Switzerland.

co2 neutrale software logo

The software

CO2 Neutrale Software is designed for low and middle-income groups.
The CO2 Neutrale Software is a self-learning software management system. 

The software connects all the alternative energy sources and collects the data onto energy consumption. 
It regulates and adjusts the generated energy in a way that creates the best possible environment to become CO2 neutral.

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This results in new buildings to become 100% CO2 neutral, and renovated buildings can achieve a reduction of 70-80% CO2 emissions. 
Also, the change of behavior and awareness of energy use has been established.

With the software, we can monitor every building or residential area and measure the individual energy consumption. 
The number of connected apartments or houses is unlimited.

The CO2 Neutrale Software is a self-learning software, is easy to install and can be implemented worldwide.
CO2 Neutrale Software has a remote maintenance module (diagnostic). 

The CO2 Neutrale Software is already installed and working in 1500 units in several projects in Germany.

All of this together allows us to offer SOLID GUARANTEES on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Implementation of the software will result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions ➡ energy cost.​

co2 guarantee
co2 guarantee

Strengths of
CO2 Neutrale Software

  • Over 20 years of research and development of the software;
  • Verifiable reduction of 80-100% CO2 emission;
  • Designed for low and middle-income groups;
  • Self-learning software can be implemented anywhere in the world;
  • Remote maintenance ( diagnostic);
  • Privacy policy is guaranteed;
  • Monitoring;
  • Solid guarantees on the reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Major step towards the Paris Agreement.

The CO2 Neutrale Software is intended for

  • Municipalities;
  • Housing associations;
  • Project developers;
  • Architects;
  • Industrial areas;
  • New buildings and renovation projects;
  • The majority of the housing market for low and middle-income groups.

Projects in which our CO2 Neutrale Software is up and running

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